Whistleblowing & Informationsfreiheit

Name Beschreibung/Ziele
LeakDirectory Official and Community based sites that actively support whistle blowing / leaks about various topic
Cryptome Cryptome welcomes documents for publication that are prohibited by governments worldwide, in particular material on freedom of expression, privacy, cryptology, dual-use technologies, national security, intelligence, and secret governance – open, secret and classified documents – but not limited to those.
Freedom of the Press Foundation The Foundation is dedicated to helping defend and support aggressive, public-interest journalism focused on exposing mismanagement, corruption, and law-breaking in government. We accept tax-deductible donations to a variety of journalism organizations that push for government transparency and accountability. Our goal is to broaden the financial base of these types of institutions – both start-ups and established non-profit organizations – by crowd-sourcing funding and making it easy for people to support the best journalism from an array of organizations all in one place. Using the same networked, collaborative approach, the Foundation will also provide support for organizations and individuals that have been unjustly censored or cut off from funding for doing their job as journalists.
WCITLeaks The forthcoming World Conference on International Telecommunications is marred by a lack of transparency. Access to preparatory reports, as well as proposed modifications to the ITRs, is limited to ITU member states. To foster greater transparency, we are offering a way for those in possession of such documents to make them publicly available.
Public Intelligence Public Intelligence is an international, collaborative research project aimed at aggregating the collective work of independent researchers around the globe who wish to defend the public’s right to access information. We provide documents, detailed analyses, and a host of other open-source intelligence products from the private and public sector. We attempt to provide information in a way that minimizes our involvement as much as is possible. Documents are provided in a raw format, available for download, with only excerpts and key facts accompanying them.